Decleor Facials

Without a thorough facial and home care routine, your skin is going to suffer. These are two main ways of ensuring that you are maximising and making the very best of your skin. Every 1 1/2 hour Decleor Facial carried out consists of the following: a digiopressure back massage using a relaxing Decleor essence oil to relax you into the facial, while reading reflexes on the back diagnosing any internal stresses that might relate to the face. After the massage you turn over to begin the cleanse, tone, exfoliation and extraction if necessary. A deeply relaxing face and neck massage using acupressure and lymph drainage is applied followed by a highly sophisticated mask. While the mask is treating, your hands and arms are given a  digiopressure massage, draining away all negative energy. Your skin will glow feeling nourished and moisturised, rejuvenated and purified and your body relaxed completely.

Every facial will include consultation and professional home care advice.

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1 Hour


A relaxing facial and back massage using aromatic blends of essential oils, taylor-made and selected to suit you specific skin type.  Say goodbye to fatigue, stress and tension, this unique technique combines localised gentle pressure with light sweeping strokes for utter relaxation.


1 1/2 Hours


The classic aromatic facial, tempted by the sweet sensation of pure performance for soft and smooth velvety skin.  A mask with a unique and surprising texture containing linseed, wheatgerm and sunflower seeds applied warm to the skin allowing the aromatherapy oils to penetrate the skin.  All facials start with a gentle aromatic back massage. 


Choose from the following:

All skin types

Combination and oily skins

With ylang ylang flower for blemishes and clogged complexions

Dry Skins

With marjoram and myrrh for dry or very dry, tight feeling skins

Basic Decleor Facial

Mini Facial

Back Facial

​Milia Extraction

With neroli flower buds for dull dehydrated skins and blotchy complexions

Sensitive Skins

With rose d'orient petals for weakened reactive skins

Mature Skins

With iris rhizomes for skins lacking vitality and firmness

1 Hour



1/2 Hour


1/2 Hour


Aroma Expert

1 1/2 Hours


These are specific aromatic facial treatments with high preciosion acting using a concentrate of highly targeted active ingredients with powerful properties.  The results are stunning.  All facials start with agentle aromatic back massage.


Choose from the following:

Hydra Force

For all skin types and for dehydration with this essential program, your skin regains its radiance.  It will intensely replenish and quench the skin's thirst.

Matt and Pure (Aroma Purete)

For oily and combination skins.  This purifying treatment significantly improves the appearance of the skin and leaves it balanced, decongested and tightened pores.

Nutri Divine (Intense Nutrition)

For dry skins.  This nourishing and complete meal deeply replenished the skin and leaves it soft, comfortable, nourished and strengthened.

Harmonie Calm Intense

For sensitive skins.  This soothing program gives your skin all the tenderness it needs.  Even the most delicate skin is soothed and feels incredibly calm.

Aurabsolu (Radiant / Vitamin C)

For all skin types. This program promises an even complexion.  With regular there is a significant improvement of pigmentation, spots and is ideal for brides for a radiant glow.

Aroma Lisse

For aging skins. Improves the skins appearance, smooths fine lines and wrinkles.  Rebalances and enhances the complexion.

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